What is Laiye RPA Engineer Certification?

  • Laiye RPA Engineer Certification is a certification system created by Laiye RPA to officially recognize a developer’s theoretical and practical mastery of RPA. 
    To get certified, developers must pass an online exam. The certificate is valid for one year, and you can renew it by taking the exam again. 


  • The procedure for Laiye RPA  Examination and Certification is as follows:
    1.  Theoretical Section (100 points, 60 minutes):  the exam tests your theoretical understanding of the design and implementation details of Laiye RPA through a series of single-choice and multiple-choice questions. You must exactly all the correct answers in a multiple-choice question to receive credit. 
    2.  You may attempt the exam for Laiye RPA Engineer Certification 3 times every 24 hours. The system only keeps the final score. 
    3.  You must score over 60 points in total to pass. 
    4.   After passing the exam, you must provide your personal information on the certification page to apply for Laiye RPA Engineer Certification RPA Developer Level.
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